Canteras Piatti added two new Cat® machines

Finning Argentina has delivered two new Cat® machines to Canteras Piatti: A 90-ton Cat 390 excavator of 5.7 cubic meters of bucket capacity, and an OTH Cat 775G dump truck that is now joining a four-Cat-773-dump-truck fleet to reinforce and support daily work at the plant.

“In Canteras Piatti we set out to work in an operation and maintenance cost reduction program at the faceline. The solution included the addition of more modern machinery as to guarantee equipment mechanic availability, machine renewal continuity to keep ourselves aligned to world trends and operational cost reduction”, said Canteras Piatti general manager, Enrique Patrón Costas at the presentation of these Cat machines to the authorities and members of Olavarría community.

“The Cat 390 excavator and Cat 755G dump truck were chosen with the cooperation of Finning's experts as the best technical alternative to achieve our operational goals” added Patrón Costas.

Also, Finning Cat’s application and technology manager Omar Belloni highlighted Finning Argentina’s satisfaction for cooperating with their customers' business development as in the case of Canteras Piatti, “by providing innovating solutions and equipment that allow companies to be on the leading edge and solve fleet challenges.”

Later on, comparative loading work was made between a Cat 992 loading a Cat 773 truck and the new Cat 390 excavator loading a 775 truck, where the latter showed more comfort and freedom of movement with drive-by load as well as pollution reduction and latest technology built in hydraulic and electronic details.

In this event attended Olavarria town council’s Planning Secretary Margarita Arregui, Adelo’s official Rosario Endere, Municipal Entity director for Mining Activities Daniel Lencina, Iteco representatives, a delegation of students from Primary School No.5 with their principal Marcela Aramburu, and the South Zone Regional Manager of Finning Argentina Francisco Amarante.

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