Maqsa: Cat® Equipment Management Solutions Official Launch

An exclusive inaugural event of the Condition Monitoring Center took place at MAQSA’s facilities last Thursday on March 20th, alongside with the launch of the new packet of solutions for the monitoring of the condition of machines that work in construction, industry and mining, Cat® Equipment Management Solutions.

Francisco Arenas, Caterpillar Product Support manager, stated that Chihuahua was the first state of Mexico where the launch of this technological innovation took place to enable equipment and machinery monitoring in real time.

“This is an intelligent solution that provides the customer with optimized, safe and correct functioning of the machine while contributing to business growth and production processes” added the specialist before explaining the system operation.

This technology is comprised of five levels of service. The first one allows knowing the location and condition of each machine through remote information. The next level issues timely reports as to enhance management of all resources. Then, a third level of service provides consulting from the Cat dealer as to make decisions that may lead to an increase in productivity. At the fourth level, the Cat dealer provides you with everything you may need for support and preventive maintenance in order to reduce production costs, and finally, fleet management is taken over by the dealer while the client focuses only on his business.

About 100 guests attended this event, including customers from the mining, agriculture, industry and construction sectors, as well as some State representatives. For years, MAQSA has been an important benchmark in the business construction and utilities sector launching more powerful, comfortable and reliable models into the market each time. Moreover, lately not only have they focused their innovative spirit into implementing new practices to enhance power, comfort and reliability, but also to reduce fuel consumption and operational costs.

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