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Family is Everything.

Part 3. Stutsman-Gerbaz Earthmoving

Shay Stutsman never gets tired of seeing his family name on the side of a truck. He takes great pride in his ancestor’s accomplishments since opening a small excavation company nearly six decades ago in the Aspen, Colorado area.

“A lot of projects they worked on 60 years ago are still standing,” says Shay, vice president of Stutsman-Gerbaz Earthmoving Inc.

Brothers-in-law Dick Stutsman and Jerry Gerbaz saw an opportunity when the region was enjoying an economic upturn. They took some good advice and transferred their ranching skills into the earthmoving industry. Stutsman-Gerbaz is now Aspen’s largest excavation business.

What is the secret to the company’s longevity and success? The answer is unanimous: family.

“We are a very close-knit group, and it’s great to have that connection,” says Lisa Stutsman Thorpe, Stutsman-Gerbaz vice president. “Family is very big for all of us.”

They don’t limit “family” to just those who share their last name or DNA. Generations of employees also have a place on their family tree.  

“The Stutsman’s have always taken care of us, says Charlie Montover, VP of Operations. “As you guys know, you’re only as good as your employees. We treat everyone as family.”

Julie Stutsman Garner, VP Stutsman-Gerbaz has been down to manage down to the last dollar to ensure no one was laid off during downturns, most recently, the last recession. And her diligence has always paid off.

“Everyone is still with us,” she says beaming with emotion.

Watch how the Stutsman-Gerbaz family has endured good times and bad and grown even stronger as a result.

Three generations ago, the Stutsman-Gerbaz family began a small excavation business. Today they talk about the family bond that has been their guiding force for 60 years



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