Snijder BV: Building Solutions with Cat® Frontless Hydraulic Shovels

Snijder BV: Building Solutions with Cat® Frontless Hydraulic Shovels


Managing Director Ron Snijder is very committed to his customers and his business, with a dedication to provide the right machine solution for your application anywhere in the world. His satisfied customers worldwide are proof positive.

A family-owned company, Snijder BV was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Hoorn, Holland in the Netherlands. Snijder is able to handle every aspect of the custom machine building process in house—from design and build to ship, erect on site, plug and play, then demobilize and/or remobilize to another jobsite.

Using a process that begins with meticulous research into a customers’ application needs, Snijder has earned an envied reputation for building superb custom machines designed specifically for their customers’ demanding applications.

Snijder BV is best known for client service, quality, innovation and speed of project delivery. Additionally, Snijder takes pride in their own factory-trained service technicians, parts inventories, and logistical capabilities to support custom products and projects globally.

Many of Snijder’s clients operate in demanding applications such as earthmoving and road construction, building breakwaters and other rock works, mining, plus dredging for land reclamation, coastal defense projects, pipeline construction and maritime infrastructure.


 Why Snijder chooses Cat® machines

Snijder’s own engineering team modifies the Cat 6015B OEM Frontless Hydraulic Shovels for their applications.

“Quality is probably the most important reason that we choose Cat machines,” said Snijder. “In addition, probably 90 percent of our fleet is already Cat machines so we’re very familiar with their technology and proven reliability.

“We have a good supplier relationship with Caterpillar. Their parts availability is excellent, they have strong knowledge of their machines’ inner workings/design and they provide excellent access to that information which is a great help to our technical people.”

To strengthen their presence in this product category, Caterpillar recently announced that it has extended machine options above 100 metric tons for specialty applications.

Environmental responsibility

Snijder is always working to be more environmentally responsible and reduce their carbon footprint. “Internally at Snijder we are totally committed to do things this way—we are driven by our own high standards,” says Snijder.

Passion for the business

Ron Snijder himself has a real passion for the business that fuels a team of very motivated people at Snijder BV.

“The Snijder team is very proud of the final outcome with the 6015B. It represents a strong reason for everyone to work closely together. We are really one big family at Snijder, all working together for the same cause and end result— the right solution for the customer,” Snijder says.

Snijder notes that they are very happy with the cooperation and assistance they have received from Caterpillar OEM Solutions and they are confident that Caterpillar will continue to meet/deliver for Snijder on their next custom machine challenge.





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