Environmental, Health & Safety

Caterpillar understands the different environmental, health and safety issues of each industry and how these issues can affect your business. Truck and engine safety is no different. Well-trained drivers understand the importance of safety to themselves, their co-workers, their trucks and their businesses. Safety in trucking means being aware at all times, getting enough sleep before long hauls and proper maintenance of the truck and engine. Watch the video as Russ Siegel demonstrates how to safely conduct an engine walk around.

Safety must be a part of your everyday routine and SAFETY.CAT.COM™ is available to help with free safety videos, toolbox talks, and online training. On-line training topics include:

  • Avoiding Rear End Collisions – Large Vehicles
  • Avoiding Rear End Collisions – Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Defensive Driving: Large Vehicles
  • Defensive Driving: Small Vehicles
  • DOT Driver Compliance
  • Extreme Driving Conditions
  • Fleet Safety
  • Towing Trailers and various Hazmat Transportation courses

So rest up, check the condition of your engine frequently and get to know your Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM) inside and out to get Safely Home. Everyone. Every Day.™