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Commitment From the Ground Up

Demolition & Scrap Recycling

Demolition Solutions

When it comes to making room for new ideas, you make it happen. That's why we offer a full range of equipment dedicated to your drive for high productivity and safety. High-reach machines that bring the big jobs down to size. Hydraulic excavators that help recover the full value of onsite commodities. Multi-processors, shears and hammers that add extra capability to your fleet. And a variety of tractors, loaders and trucks to speed the clean-up. So you can get started on your next success story.

Scrap Solutions

The value of scrap is found in the work you do to transform it into a valuable commodity. You're part of a real sustainability success story. Our job is to help ensure the sustainability of your business with solutions to ensure jobsite safety, machine versatility, high efficiency and low operating cost.

Reduce Your Cost Per Ton, Safely

Get more done with versatile machines and work tools—durable work solutions that offer more uptime, lower lifetime owning and operating costs and, most importantly, the power to reduce your cost per ton of material moved.

Your Cat dealer understands your business and knows what it takes to maintain and increase productivity. The right machine for the job? Your dealer can help you sort through the options.

You may be able to increase productivity even with the same fleet. Ask about operator training that helps operators get more out of existing and new machines alike.

Quality equipment makes good operators even better. They help with employee recruiting and retention. Quality also means safety, with rear-view cameras to improve visibility, proximity sensors for additional security and dedicated cab guards for added operator protection.

Committed to Your Business Needs

Task, Tool, Machine.

We encourage a simple three-step approach to equipment selection, starting with a thorough understanding of the task. Once the task, or application, is well understood, the appropriate worktool is selected. Finally, the biggest part of the picture, the equipment is chosen. The right machines supports the right work tool for the task at hand. And you get the right solution for your business.

Site Assessments

Whether you're opening a new facility or running an existing business, your success depends on efficiency. In a site assessment, Caterpillar experts work with you and your dealer to study site objectives and application&emdash;and then suggest the work tools and machines to provide the best productivity.

Caterpillar Training

Caterpillar demolition and scrap recycling - industry trainers understand how to manage and maintain equipment—and how to transmit that knowledge to new and veteran machine operators. Maximize machine productivity and lower your operating costs. Choose the training that works for your operation: either on site or at one of our training centers. For more information on training, visit us online at

Committed to Lowering Your Operating Cost

With a complete range of purpose built machinery for demolition and scrap recycling applications featuring:

Purpose-Built Guards

The right guards are built for the application and protect your demolition or scrap-handling equipment from turning into scrap. All machines are protected in key areas, including undercarriages, radiators, axles and cabs. Ask us about guarding options for your equipment.

Cat Flexport™ Tires

These heavy duty applications can be hard on tires. But hard tires aren't the only solution. Puncture-proof Flexport tires ensure maximum uptime. And their exclusive elliptically-shaped sidewall ports produce a smoother, more cushioned ride for greater operator comfort, machine stability and extended tire life.

Air Filtration

Air quality can take a toll on machines and operators in scrap applications. We use independent air filtration systems for the operator cab and machine engine system to ensure improved operator comfort and longer engine life.

Variable Pitch/Reverse Fan

Debris build up can affect cooling systems that aren't designed for it. Our fan design actively expels debris, keeping your system cleaner and cooler at the same time.

Patented Ground Entry/Exit on New MH3000 Series

Slips, trips, and falls are a huge safety concern for owners and operators. The patented ground entry/exit hydraulic cab riser system on the new Cat MH3000 series material handlers minimizes these concerns. One step and you're in.

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