Caterpillar Adds New Mid-Sized Tandem Vibratory Rollers to the Paving Products Machine Family

For Release in South America: August 2019
Release Number: 680PR19

Caterpillar Inc. announces the addition of the two mid-sized Tandem Vibratory Rollers to the Paving Products Family. These new models are the CB7 and CB10 and will be produced in Piracicaba, Brazil.  New nomenclature corresponds to the 7-ton and 10-ton weight classes that they reside in. Furthermore, these models can be equipped with an oscillatory vibration system for excellent application versatility.  Both machines offer refinements to the operator controls, water spray system, service access, and lighting packages.

Technological enhancements are provided through the optional Cat® Compaction Control. Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping systems combine infrared temperature sensors with GPS mapping to keep the operator informed of current mat temperatures, machine position, pass-count and pass coverage. This intuitive system greatly enhances nighttime performance, and records information for future process analysis and quality control documentation.

“Machine to Machine” communication option improves job site efficiency. The system helps keep rolling patterns in sync by sharing coverage and pass-count maps between the operating displays of multiple machines.

Typical applications include highways, city streets, rural roads, lane additions, industrial sites, overlays, airport runways, and other production-sized paving jobs.

Efficient Power and Eco-Mode

The Cat C4.4 engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 emission standards and provides 82 kW (111.5 hp) of power on the CB7 and 97 kW (131.8 hp) of power on the CB10. The Cat C4.4 engine comes standard with Eco-Mode and automatic speed control, leading to uniform compaction, fuel savings, reduced sound levels, and ultimately lower operating costs.

Keeping Operators Productive

Visibility can be enhanced with the optional 360º seat positioning. New handwheel steering technology eliminates the front steering console, enabling the operator to easily monitor water spray performance. An LCD display and push-button controls simplify operation for an all-around comfortable operating environment.

Versatile Vibratory Systems

These rollers offer a variety of vibratory options including oscillation, dual amplitude/dual frequency, Versa Vibe™, and five amplitude systems. Check with your dealer for availability in your region.

Oscillatory vibration system combines standard vibration on the front drum with oscillation technology on the rear drum. The oscillation system performs effectively on thin lifts and near sensitive structures such as buildings, bridge decks, and over underground utilities. 



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