Caterpillar to deliver and support Guardian 2 fatigue and distraction monitoring system for light and on-highway vehicle operators



For Release Worldwide:  October 2020
Release Number:446PR20

Caterpillar has entered into an agreement with Seeing Machines Pty Ltd to deliver and support light vehicle and on-highway driver fatigue and distraction monitoring technology through Cat® dealers. Seeing Machines’ Guardian 2 system is an advanced, non-intrusive system that senses operator movements and analyzes them for symptoms of fatigue or distraction in light vehicle applications. Seat vibration and audio alarms alert operators when a microsleep or distraction event is detected—to effectively reduce dangerous and costly incidents.

Guardian 2 joins the Driver Safety System (DSS), a rugged system for fatigue and distraction monitoring in off-highway vehicles, as part of the Cat MineStar Detect portfolio of safety technologies and services. Guardian 2 and DSS enable customers to cost effectively fit any vehicle in the fleet—heavy equipment, support vehicles and highway vehicles—with next generation monitoring systems supported by the local Cat dealer and linked to Caterpillar’s 24-hour Fatigue Monitoring.

Guardian 2 replaces the DSS-H system and features new driver monitoring software, which delivers expanded capabilities. The system employs an improved sensor for enhanced resolution and an expanded field of view inside the cab. Guardian 2 leverages Seeing Machines’ long and broad experience in guiding automotive OEMs in deploying this technology across a wide range of vehicles.

“The Guardian 2 system reduces the likelihood of safety incidents by alerting operators and keeping them focused on the job at hand,” said Mindy Elsasser, commercial manager for MineStar Detect products. “The monitoring services also provide near real-time alerts that inform supervisors of fatigue and distraction events, allowing them to respond quickly to help prevent further incidents.”

Additionally, the system provides reports and analytics, which enable site leaders to track patterns and determine if operators are having repeated fatigue or distraction events. Reports give managers visibility to the full impact of fatigue and distraction on safety and performance.

Onboard the vehicle, the system continuously measures operator head position and eye closure to determine the onset of fatigue or distracted behavior and delivers real-time detection and alerts. The driver-facing sensor and forward-facing camera require no input from the operator, and the driver is not required to wear any special equipment. As a result, the system allows the operator to focus on driving safely.

Guardian is a proven system. Since its introduction, Guardian has logged more than 4 billion kilometers travelled and has detected more than 6.4 million distraction events.

Training and custom plans

Caterpillar offers a wide range of safety focused services to help customers maximize their investments and achieve sustainable results. Caterpillar offers training, operator coaching and educational support to help implement this technology. Additionally, the Caterpillar team can assist with change management, a critical aspect of gaining acceptance of the technology and creating a culture for operators and supervisors to work together against fatigue and distraction.

Caterpillar shiftwork experts can develop customized reporting and site-level recommendations. Fatigue and Distraction Risk Assessments help managers see the impact of fatigue and distraction on operations. On-site workshops, intensive data collection and detailed reports help managers visualize and quantify the risks associated with fatigue and distraction and deliver plans to combat that risk.

For more information contact the regional Cat dealer or go to: www.cat.com/minestar






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