New Cat D6N Dozer Offers Updated Cab, Added Versatility and New GRADE Technology Options

For Release in South America: April 2017
Release Number: 119PR17

Adding to its reputation for versatility, the latest generation Cat® D6N Dozer offers a new cab, an updated SU bulldozer configuration and more GRADE technology options to boost productivity in a variety of applications.

Cab Comfort, Ease of Operation

A new cab with an Integrated Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) offers greater all around visibility to enhance safety and productivity. The quiet interior, with improved pressurization, helps keep dust out. Electro-hydraulic controls on the VPAT dozer reduce operator effort, improve precision and response, and enable Cat Connect GRADE technologies. Simple rotary dials control engine throttle speeds. Bi-directional feature allows the operator to preselect forward/reverse gears for reduced operator effort and improved efficiency.

A sharp new Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors machine operation, diagnostic events and gives operators access to settings menus. The display acts as the Slope Assist control screen and is rear-camera ready for added safety.

Technology to Finish Jobs in Fewer Passes

Contractors can increase productivity and grade quality with Cat Connect GRADE technologies. These advanced tools help contractors to reach target grade faster and more accurately in fewer passes to save time and increase profit.

Cat GRADE with Slope Assist automatically maintains established blade position to finish jobs faster, with better surface quality and significantly less operator effort.  The system does not require a base station, GPS signal or added hardware/software.

Standard Cat Slope Indicate displays real-time machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation, allowing operators to work more accurately on slopes. Cat Stable Blade complements the operator’s blade-control input for attaining finish grades quicker with less effort.

Cat AccuGrade™, a dealer-installed grade control system option, gives contractors the choice of Laser, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) or Universal Total Station (UTS) to offer the right level of accuracy to meet job specifications.

In addition to GRADE technologies, the Cat Product Link™ telematics system provides timely, pertinent data—such as location, hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, and diagnostic codes—that is easily accessed through the online VisionLink® interface. The system helps machine owners achieve more effective asset management, improved productivity, and lower operating costs.

Added Versatility

The D6N is designed for optimal productivity in a wide variety of applications. The Variable Power Angle Tilt (VPAT) blade hydraulically adjusts lift, angle and tilt for more precise results. Excellent machine balance and power-to-weight-ratio provide the power needed for general dozing and the control required for fine grading. The VPAT dozer is available in Standard (XL) or Low Ground Pressure (LGP) arrangements.

An updated Semi-Universal (SU) configuration for the D6N is modeled after larger Cat dozers for added breakout force and stability in dozing applications. L-shaped push arms provide an advantage over diagonal brace designs by bringing the blade closer to the machine for better balance, maneuverability and blade penetration.

For added performance in demanding applications, purpose-built Waste Handler and Forestry arrangements are available. Application-specific features like specialized guarding, high debris cooling systems and optimized blade and track options equip the machine for harsh conditions.

Proven ACERT™ Engine

A Cat C7.1 ACERT engine provides the horsepower needed to doze through tough conditions. New, more robust engine fuel system features high efficiency fuel filters and water-in-fuel sensors for greater fuel system reliability. An Auto Shift feature automatically downshifts to the most efficient gear based on load, improving material moving efficiency and fuel economy. Updated aluminum bar plate cooling system is more efficient than the previous model for better cooling capability in high ambient conditions.

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D6N, Dozer
For dozing productivity, updated Semi-Universal (SU) configuration follows the design of larger Cat dozers with front-mounted lift cylinders to provide more breakout force and stability.

D6N Product Specifications



Cat C7.1 ACERT

Gross Power (SAE J1995)

131 kW / 176 hp

Engine  Power (ISO 9249)

118 kW / 158 hp

Operating weight (XL VPAT)

17 371 kg

Operating weight (XL SU)

17 722 kg

Dozer blade capacity (XL VPAT)

3.31 m3

Dozer blade capacity (XL SU)

4.28 m3

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For dozing productivity, updated Semi-Universal (SU) configuration follows the design of larger Cat dozers with front-mounted lift cylinders to provide more breakout force and stability.

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Cat 7.1 ACERT™ electronic engine provides more power and up to 3 percent better fuel efficiency compared to the previous model.

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Cat AccuGrade™ technology helps operators get more work done in less time, with greater accuracy and less effort.

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Excellent machine balance, power-to-weight-ratio and VPAT blade offer versatility for general dozing and fine grading. 

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Cat GRADE with Slope Assist helps improve productivity without a base station, GPS signal or added software. 

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An updated cab on the new Cat D6N dozer offers greater visibility and operator comfort.

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