785 Mining Truck
785 Mining Truck

Next Generation Cat® 785 mining truck advances efficiency and productivity for lower costs



For Release Worldwide: October 2020
Release Number: 944PR20

The Next Generation Cat® 785 mining truck enhances operator safety and performance, provides more intuitive and predictable operation, delivers faster and easier access to data, and streamlines maintenance—to boost efficiency and lower costs. Leveraging the Next Generation concept, the new 150-ton class mining truck features an expandable technology platform, so it is future-ready.

“The 785 was Caterpillar’s first large mining truck, introduced in 1985. It’s fitting that the first Next Generation Cat mining truck is the new 785—designed to enable mining operations to optimize productivity today and tomorrow,” said David Rea, general manager of Cat Large Mining Trucks. “Cat Next Generation mining trucks feature a flexible technology platform and optional configurations that help each mining operation meet their goals."  

Productive hauling begins with the operator, who sits in the new state-of-the-art cab, designed for efficiency and equipped with features that automate functions. The Next Generation 785 offers a new integrated speed coaching feature to give feedback on how to operate the truck most productively. Truck responsiveness and controllability are enhanced through multiple upgrades such as the anti-lock brake system, dynamic stability control, enhanced traction control, machine speed limiting, hill start assist with anti-rollback, and cruise control. Additionally, new Auto Hoist control reduces dumping time and unburdens the operator.

The improved payload monitoring system offers more accurate measurement and dipper counts as well as enhanced overload detection and carryback calculation and reporting—to inform operators and production managers. The 360-degree surround view camera delivers a full view of the working area to the operator.

Inside the cab, guidance information, machine data and electronics controls are consolidated into two touch screens that eliminate clutter and promote efficiency. The spacious new cab features a walk-through sliding center console, increased legroom and new cab air filtration system for operator comfort. The new deluxe seat boasts leather upholstery, air-adjustable bolsters and lumbar support, heated and cooled cushions, dynamic dampening, and a 30-degree recline with thigh tilt and extension, so it comfortably accommodates operators of all sizes.

Advanced powertrain

The Next Gen 785 is powered by the proven Cat 3512E engine offering selectable power options, allowing operations to match the speed of the fleet or to speed up cycle times. Two tire options, 33R51 and 36R51 are available, to enable mines to optimize payload capacity. The larger tires allow a nominal payload of 142 tonnes (157 tons).

The truck is available in multiple emissions configurations to meet different regulatory requirements around the world. The optional Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions configuration has shown fuel efficiency improvements of as much as 9%. Advanced electronic powertrain controls deliver faster cycle times and acceleration, less spillage and reduced road maintenance in addition to improved engine and drivetrain life.

Streamlined connectivity and maintenance

The new Cat 785 features enhanced connectivity with faster data transfer to improve access to information. Through a two-wire ethernet, machine components communicate faster and provide more data. Each 785 is factory equipped with Cat Product Link cellular connectivity and offers options to communicate through dual-mode cellular 4G/LTE and satellite or local Wi-Fi networks. The new telematics platform promotes greater data acquisition and faster transmission to locally hosted or cloud-based applications, such as Cat MineStar Fleet and MineStar Edge.

The ability to access and analyze accurate real-time data enables faster diagnostics and enhances the ability to predict and prevent machine failure, improving truck availability. New remote flash and remote troubleshooting capabilities also boost machine availability. Software updates can be scheduled and executed so that they do not interrupt production, and diagnostics can be done remotely while the truck is operating.

The 785 also features a new modular HVAC system that delivers superior reliability and durability. When the system must be serviced, the entire module can be removed and replaced within an hour. Field studies have shown the modular system can improve truck physical availability by up to 0.5%.

Production of the Next Generation Cat 785 Mining Truck will begin in the first quarter of 2021. More information about the new 785 can be found by contacting the regional Cat dealer or visiting https//www.cat.com. 


785 Mining Truck Specifications



Cat® 3512E

Gross power (SAE J1995)

1 193 kW (1,600 hp)

Option: 1 081 kw (1,450 hp)

Gross machine weight

249 476 kg (550,000 lb)

255 826 kg (564,000 lb)

Nominal payload

139 tonnes (153 tons)

142 tonnes (157 tons)

Tire Size







Cat Next Gen 785 mining truck being loaded by Cat 994 wheel loader


Cat Next Gen 785 mining truck dumping


Cat Next Gen 785 mining truck hauling.


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