BRX118 Industrial

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Cat® Industrial Brushcutters are best for right of way maintenance, clearing land and brush cutting.

Overall Width 75.0 in 1911.0 mm Less
Cutting Width 72.0 in 1829.0 mm Less
Maximum Cutting Diameter 8.0 in 203.0 mm Less
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 200-230 bar (2800-3300 psi) 200-230 bar (2800-3300 psi) Less
Overall Height 29.0 in 733.0 mm Less
Overall Length 86.0 in 2170.0 mm Less
Required Hydraulic Flow 76-87 L/min (20-23 gpm) 76-87 L/min (20-23 gpm) Less
Weight 2364.0 lb 1072.0 kg Less
Cutting Speed 473 RPM 473 RPM Less
Drive Shaft Torque 417.0 ft·lbf 566.0 N·m Less
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow Standard Flow Less

Fully Balanced Blade Carrier

Blade carrier weighing 409 kg (900 lb) provides unmatched blade inertia. Carrier holds four blades, which are fully balanced to prevent unnecessary vibration.

Hardened Blades

Hardened reversible blades provide aggressive cutting of material (up to 200 mm (8 in) in diameter) and deliver high performance and durability. Blades are attached to blade carrier with 3 bolts that can easily be torqued from an access panel on the top of the frame.

Long Life Motor w/ Anti-Cavitation Valve

Anti-cavitation valve protects vital motor components improving tool life and ensuring adequate machine and tool performance.

Hydraulic Accumulator

Integrated accumulator in the hydraulic system works in conjunction with the anti-cavitation valve to maintain oil lubrication in the drive motor. On shut-down the accumulator discharges oil to the motor to slowly spin down the drivetrain. This reduces noise emitted by the motor and cavitation.

Heavy-Duty Skids

Heavy-duty skids allow easy movement of the brushcutter through uneven terrain while maintaining stability of the work tool and machine.

Reinforced Push Bar

Control and guide foliage into blades. Push bar extends beyond blades protecting bystanders.

Tuned Hydraulic Performance

The Industrial Brushcutter is designed to match with Standard Flow, High Flow XPS, and High Flow XHP hydraulics. This optimizes recovery time and reduces heat load on the carrier to work in high ambient temperature environments.

Tool Mounted Operation and Maintenance Manual Holder

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, this holder includes all of the operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the work tool.