1372 mm (54 in), Fusion™

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Stack, carry and sort piles of lumber.

Carriage Width 70.0 in 1778.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Spacing - Maximum Width 66.0 in 1670.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Spacing - Minimum Width 48.0 in 1210.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Length 54.0 in 1372.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Width 6.0 in 152.0 mm Less
Maximum Clamp Opening 99.0 in 2510.0 mm Less
Minimum Clamp Opening 6.0 in 152.0 mm Less
Weight 83.8 lb 38.0 kg Less
Interface Type Fusion™ Coupler Fusion™ Coupler Less


Efficiently unload and load from trucks, capably sort pole and decking inventory in the yard, effectively feed sawmills and handle other long or bulky material.

90 Degree Flat Back Tines

90 degree flat back tines allows for carrying palletized lumber and other items as well as loose logs.

Adjustable Tine Spacing

Adjustable tines can be configured to 9 different spacing setups, allowing for complete flexibility to your particular applications.

Narrow Top Clamp

Narrow top clamp is designed to close between the tines, which would allow the operator to clamp tightly on a single log.

Floating/Non-Floating Tines

Floating/non-floating tines are adjustable to 3 different spacing configurations, and can be locked, or setup to float.

Tool Mounted Operation and Maintenance Manual Holder

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, holder includes all operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the work tool.