System K 2.2m Milling Drum (15mm spacing)

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System K standard milling drum with advanced features for surface removal or complete removal of road surfaces.

Milling Width 88.0 in 2235.0 mm Less
Tool Spacing 0.6 in 15.0 mm Less
Drum Diameter at Tips 42.2 in 1073.0 mm Less
Milling Depth (max) 13.0 in 330.0 mm Less
Number of Bits 185 185 Less
PN# of Rotor Gp with Coolant and Tools (Factory Installed) 517-1708 517-1708 Less
PN# of Rotor Gp with Bits (Field installed) 517-1709 517-1709 Less

2-piece Holder System

2 piece high strength system for high horsepower demands. Components made of high strength alloyed material that is abrasion resistant. Base block and flighting integrated for accurate manufacturing and lower cost rebuild.

Taper Fit with Cylinderical Lock

Dual retention system feature with taper and cylinderical lock. No need for torqueing bolts.

Anti-rotation Tabs

Highly featured tool holder with anti-rotating design to ensure proper holder positioning.

Tooth Removal Access Features

Multiple tooth removal options. Access the back of the tooth via large punch hole. Chisel from the depression on the collor. Use manual or mechanical tools.

Excellent Cutting Pattern

System designed as left or right sided pieces to allow for optimized cutting effort and material flow delivering an excellent cutting pattern.

Reversible Paddles

Kicker paddle is reversible for extended life.