Customized Roof Support Systems

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Steep grades, very thick and very thin seams, unstable roofs and massive sandstone plates, soft ground and geological faults. These varying conditions require a high level of adaptation to specific requirements. Cat roof supports are world-renowned for their reliability under the most extreme conditions. With superior availability and unparalleled quality in design and production, our roof supports set the standard in longwall mining.

Range of Roof Supports

Height - Extended 1100-6100 mm (43.3-240.2 in) 1100-6100 mm (43.3-240.2 in) Less
Shield Centers 1500-2050 mm (59-80.7 in) 1500-2050 mm (59-80.7 in) Less
Shield Density up to 111 tonne/m2 (12.5 ton/ft2) up to 111 tonne/m2 (12.5 ton/ft2) Less

Customized Design

Control Systems

Legs and Cylinders

Special Applications