Meet Specifications and Cut Material Costs

Cat® Connect COMPACT technologies combine advanced measurement, in-cab guidance and reporting capabilities to help you meet targets faster, with more uniformity and in fewer passes. Streamline construction processes every step of the way—from site prep and paving to landfill applications. Get consistent results in less time and at a lower cost.

When combined with LINK technologies, you can remotely access detailed information online via VisionLink® to monitor job progress and keep your production on track.

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I want to get to grade in fewer passes. Grade
I want more than data. I need useful information. Link

Cat Equipment with Compact Technologies

COMPACT technologies are available from the factory or as dealer-installed options.

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Cat® Connect Technologies: Helping You Optimize Operations

An overview of Cat® Connect technologies at a glance, and how they help you get the most value from your equipment.

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9 Ways to Boost Productivity

Productivity isn't just about doing more in less time. A well-run operation that empowers employees can reduce job costs while improving satisfaction.

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Cat® 825K Compactor with Compaction Control Delivers the Efficiency You Demand

The rugged, powerful 825K continues a legacy of delivering heavy-duty compaction and dozing with easy serviceability and low operating costs. When equipped with Cat Compaction Control, operators have the information they need to ensure compaction meets specifications. The factory-integrated Cat Compaction Control system uses Machine Drive Power (MDP) technology to measure rolling resistance and correlates it with soil stiffness.

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