Cat 825K Compactor with Compaction Control Delivers the Efficiency You Demand

Cat® 825K Compactor with Compaction Control Delivers the Efficiency You Demand

The rugged, powerful 825K continues a legacy of delivering heavy-duty compaction and dozing with easy serviceability and low operating costs. When equipped with Cat Compaction Control, operators have the information they need to ensure compaction meets specifications. The factory-integrated Cat Compaction Control system uses Machine Drive Power (MDP) technology to measure rolling resistance and correlates it with soil stiffness.

Benefits and Features

  • MDP works in both cohesive and granular soils
  • Optional 3D mapping system maps measurements to the precise location the operator is working—providing a real-time view of progress and a record of compaction uniformity
  • Accumulated data can be accessed via VisionLink for analysis or documentation of compaction

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A Cat® Connect Technology for Four-Drum Soil Compactors

The key to soil compaction is getting the job done quickly, to exact specification. When the job calls for productivity, you need a high production 4-drum compactor system with advanced compaction measurement technology like Machine Drive Power to help you consistently meet compaction targets faster, more uniformly, and in fewer passes—saving you time, fuel, and costly rework.

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825K Compactor

Representing a long-standing commitment to quality and performance, this rugged, powerful machine is designed and built for heavy-duty compaction and dozing operations.

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