Cat Grade Control 3D Now Available on D8T Dozers

Cat® Grade Control 3D Now Available on D8T Track-Type Tractors

The Dozer that Pushes Boundaries Makes You even More Productive

The D8T just got more versatile with factory-integrated Cat Grade Control 3D. This technology uses not one, but two cab-mounted global navigation antennas to yield accurate results—from full blade loads to finish grade. Blade automation reduces manual operator inputs by as much as 80%—helping your crew work more efficiently over long shifts. By reducing passes and rework, you not only boost your productivity and efficiency, but also your profitability and your bottom line.

Benefits and Features

  • Dual global navigation satellite system adjusts for steep slope work, heading changes and machine direction changes for greater accuracy
  • Integrated design moves antennas to the top of cab, eliminating masts and cables from the blade, and requires no climbing to remove components
  • Digital design plans, in-cab guidance, and automated blade lift and tilt keep the operator on grade.
  • Bundled with productivity-enhancing machine technologies (AutoCarry™, Auto Blade Assist, Automatic Ripper Control)
  • Three operating modes for consistent results: Rough Grade, Grade Protection and Grade Control

Cat Grade Control 3D also available on D9T Tier 4 Final track-type tractors. Coming on the D6T in early 2015

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D8T (Tier 4 Final)

The Cat D8T dozer has a long history of outstanding versatility, productivity and resale value. Because it excels across a wide range of tasks, customers choose the D8T for everything from dozing, ripping, scraper work and land clearing to finish grading.

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