Information You Can Use

Today’s equipment generates a huge amount of data from onboard sensors and processors.

Cat® Connect LINK technologies, such as Cat Product Link™, transmit that data wirelessly from your machines and turn it into essential insights about the location, status and productivity of your equipment—from fuel burn and payload weights to cycle times and job progress. LINK brings together all Cat Connect technologies to help you make timely, fact-based decisions to boost productivity.

  • Grade - Monitor grading accuracy and progress.
  • Compact - Monitor the quality of compaction.
  • Payload - Monitor number and quantity of loads.

And for equipment operators, LINK technologies provide immediate feedback about machine performance and job progress. This helps operators solve issues and work more efficiently to minimize service costs and slash downtime.

I want to load and haul with more precision. Payload
I want to get to grade in fewer passes. Grade
I want to meet specifications and cut material costs. Compact

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Every day, customers are improving productivity with help from Cat® Product Link™.

Cat® Connect Technologies: Helping You Optimize Operations

An overview of Cat® Connect technologies at a glance, and how they help you get the most value from your equipment.

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9 Ways to Boost Productivity

Productivity isn't just about doing more in less time. A well-run operation that empowers employees can reduce job costs while improving satisfaction.

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Product Link™ Gives Customer a Competitive Edge

Toby Sims loves knowing where his logging equipment is and how it's performing. "I've told loggers this Cat equipment with Product Link is state of the art. They need to get their hands on it because it is so important to know how much fuel you're burning," he says.

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