Load and Haul with Precision.

Keeping production on track requires efficient processes, short cycle times and accurate loads.

Cat® Connect PAYLOAD technologies provide on-the-go load weighing to assist operators with achieving precise targets every time—helping to optimize efficiency and increase jobsite productivity.

Whether loading or hauling, operators can track daily productivity from the cab, with quick access to payload weights, load and cycle counts, and daily totals.

When combined with LINK technologies, managers can track daily production tonnage and cycle counts as well as calculate tons/hour and tons/fuel burned through VisionLink®. Additional information to help manage overall operations and maintain productivity targets is available through VIMS™pc.

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Cat Equipment with Payload Technology

PAYLOAD technologies are available for a wide range of equipment. This table guides you to the technologies you need for the types of machines in your fleet.

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Productivity Pays Off: How Much Can You Save?

Use this worksheet to estimate what your yearly operational savings could be, thanks to more precise payloads from Cat® Connect.

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Cat® Connect Technologies: Helping You Optimize Operations

An overview of Cat® Connect technologies at a glance, and how they help you get the most value from your equipment.

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9 Ways to Boost Productivity

Productivity isn't just about doing more in less time. A well-run operation that empowers employees can reduce job costs while improving satisfaction.

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Cat® M Series Wheel Loader with Integrated Payload Technology Increases Efficiency

With costs rising and profit margins shrinking, many customers are seeking ways to produce more in less time, with greater fuel efficiency. Now with Cat® Production Measurement, the Cat M Series wheel loader delivers precision payload weighing and world-class accuracy with our newest, most advanced payload scale yet. Cat Production Measurement helps operators achieve target payload the first time, eliminating under-loading and overloading that result in lost productivity and higher fuel usage. It all adds up to more efficient loading cycles, lower costs to move materials and more value for your business.

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Payload: The Optimization You Want

See more about Cat® Connect PAYLOAD technologies and what they can do for your business.

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