A new, factory-integrated precision grading system, Cat® Grade Control can help both new and experienced machine operators deliver dramatic improvements in grading efficiency over a wide range of applications.

Cat Grade Control takes advantage of many components already built into today's Cat equipment, including sensors, displays and on-board data processing. Compared with aftermarket automated grading systems, this factory attachment reduces redundant components, gives the GPS receiver and sensor systems better protection, and helps the productivity features of today's Cat equipment work together more seamlessly and effectively than ever.

Available on select Cat track-type tractors, pavers, mills, motor graders, wheel tractor scrapers and excavators, Cat Grade Control can be upgraded as your needs evolve. It is a cost-effective, all-in-one grading solution that enhances jobsite safety, improves reliability and adds to the machine's value, both on the job and at resale.

Cat Grade Control
Factory installed automatic grading solution

Cat® Grade Control for Excavators

Cat Grade Control indicates precise depth of the cutting edge so you can be assured depths and slopes are on target, every pass.

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Cat® Grade Control for Motor Graders

Cat Grade Control maintains precise cross slopes with automated blade movements so you can grade with confidence, mile after mile.

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Cat® Grade Control for Scrapers

Cat Grade Control eliminates overcutting, optimizes loading, and simplifies the load-haul-dump cycles for consistent results with less effort.

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