Three60 POD 650

Cat® Three60 Pod 650 is designed for the Cat C8.7 electronically controlled marine propulsion engine, providing unmatched response and performance. Available for 35–60’ yachts.
Mechanical Details

 •       Cat Three60 Pod 650:

          •        12 or 24 Volt system configurations
          •        2.17:1 gear ratio
          •        Contra-rotating propellers
          •        Breakaway lower unit
          •        Replaceable nose cone and skeg
          •        Optional PTO
•        Multiple jackshaft lengths for flexible_ engine space installation.
•        Engine water intake and shutoff.
•        Equipped with quick-connect lube ports_ for easy oil service. 


Product Sheet

Cat Three60 POD 650 - C8.7
Cat Three60 POD 650 - C8.7

Joystick & Lever Head

Joystick & Lever Head

The joystick and the lever head provide smooth operation and high confidence when maneuvering, using two modes:

LEVER HEAD MODE: At both slow and high speeds, use the lever heads and steering helm to move the boat in conventional fashion.

JOYSTICK MODE: With just a flick of your fingers, use the joystick for effortless docking and other slow maneuvers


Electrical System

Joystick & Lever Head

• Master controller (one per system)
• Powertrain controller (one per Pod)
• Digital lever control head and button panel (min. 1 – max. 3)
      • Standard top mount dual lever style
      • Optional Palm Beach style
• Integrated digital steering helm (min. 1 – max. 3)
      • Three different steering wheel finishes
• Digital joystick (min. 1 – max. 6)
      • Standard forward facing
      • Optional aft facing
• Integrated color touchscreen display (min. 1 – max. 6)
• GPS antenna for Three60 Hold station keeping function.

• Interface to popular autopilot systems.

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