If you procure heavy equipment for a governmental agency, take a closer look at the Cat® 950 GC wheel loader. It’s quick and powerful, ideal for working a stockpile, loading or unloading trucks or removing snow. The GC model is different by design—built to deliver dependable performance and excellent fuel economy at a lower price point. Here are 10 reasons why this loader is a great choice for governmental fleets:

  1. Economy and reliability in one durable design. With its simple design and proven components, the 950 GC meets your expectations for high reliability and long life while accommodating a tight budget.
  2. Best-in-class dump height. City and county crews spend a lot of time loading and unloading trucks. We gave the 950 GC extra dump height so your operators can work quickly and confidently with trucks of all sizes.
  3. High-speed loading. Cat Performance Series Buckets come standard on the 950 GC. They feature a unique shape that fills quickly and retains more material than conventional buckets. The result is faster loading in fewer passes, even when a less experienced operator is at the controls.
  4. One machine, many jobs. Do more jobs with a single machine by investing in Cat attachments and an optional Fusion Quick Coupler system. Adding forks, a broom or snow removal tools lets you keep your loader busy for more hours every year—a smart use of limited resources.
  5. Focus on fuel. Since fuel is a big line item in an equipment budget, we’re always looking for ways to help you do more work with every tank. This machine features a fuel-efficient engine, load-sensing hydraulics and engine idle technologies that automatically control rpm to conserve fuel.
  6. Productive work environment. Operators work comfortably and productively in the 950 GC’s quiet, roomy cab. They appreciate features like the ergonomic seat, low-effort controls and standard rearview camera.
  7. Parts commonality. The 950 GC is powered by the Cat C7.1 ACERT™ engine, the same model used in many other Cat machines. A common engine platform makes it simpler for you to manage parts inventory.
  8. Gull-wing service doors and other quick-service features. No more tilting the hood to access the engine compartment. The GC design incorporates easy-open doors and grouped, ground-level service points to streamline maintenance.
  9. Hard data for tighter cost control. Cat Link technologies capture critical machine data and make it available in the office or on a mobile device. With quick access to more facts about utilization, hours, location, fuel burn and more, you’ll do an even better job managing workload and operating costs.
  10. Lowest total cost. Your Cat dealer has the people, tools and resources to keep your 950 GC running reliably and economically over the entire life cycle. That means you’ll not only save on acquisition costs, you’ll also benefit from a lifetime of lower owning and operating costs.


For fast, efficient loading at a lower cost, put a 950 GC to work in your community. It’s a great choice for cities, counties and other municipalities—delivering the performance and reliability you expect from Caterpillar at an attractive acquisition cost. 

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