Multi-Processor Buying Considerations



Cat® Multi-Processor Buying Considerations.

What to look for in a multi-processor.

What is the perfect multi-processor for your application?

From ROI to efficiency, always keep your most common applications and these considerations in mind when choosing an attachment. That way, you can be confident in whatever multi-processor you choose.

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Buying Considerations

Fast cycle times are key.

The faster the cycle times, the more material you will be able to process. Look for multi-processor jaws that are right for your applications and have the fastest cycle times.

Up the power.

The new Speed Booster Technology increases crushing and cutting forces while utilizing less machine oil, burning less fuel and providing better machine multi-functioning.

Easy jaw changes.

One of the biggest benefits to a Cat® multi-processor is the ability to swap out jaws in less than 15 minutes with only the operator. A quick jaw exchange ensures the operator uses the correct jaws for the application, getting more work done at the end of the day. 

Lower maintenance costs.

Did you know your outer wear parts wear up to 75% faster than your inner wear parts? Cat multi-processors offer individual replaceable wear parts that can help reduce your maintenance costs and overall owning and operating costs. Replacing individual tips and teeth as needed, instead of replacing all of the teeth at once, is the most cost-effective way to keep your attachment running at peak performance. Replaceable wear parts also offer less risk of damage to your jaws and are serviceable in-field to help reduce downtime. 

Get the best return on your investment.

Upfront costs shouldn’t be your only consideration. Always factor in the total owning and operating costs for the life cycle of the attachment, including maintenance costs, production capability, parts and service support from the manufacturer. Lower upfront costs do not necessarily translate into a long-term return on investment.

Cat System Solution.

Reduce the risk of poor production by always following the AAMSS process: Application/Attachment/Machine/System Solution. Material type and size will dictate the attachment size. The attachment weight and oil flow requirements will dictate the size of the machine. The safety, technology and product support is what makes up the Cat System Solution.

Follow the 80/20 rule.

Similar to the AAMSS process, you should also size your attachment to 80% of the maximum size material to be processed.

Love your machine.

Cat multi-processors and other demo attachments are compatible with most other machine manufacturers, so you can purchase the best attachment for your application, even if you don’t own the same brand machine.


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