Multi-Processor Efficiency

Cat® Multi-Processor Efficiency.

How to get the most from your machine.

Maximize your machine’s capabilities.

Cat® multi-processors offer a range of jaws to help you cut, pulverize and process in the most efficient way possible. With fast cycle times, better jaw force and some of the fastest jaw exchanges on the market, see how our multi-processors can make you more productive.

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Multi-Processor Efficiency

Power when you need it. Speed when you want it.

The speed booster on our multi-processors dynamically shifts between speed, power and boost modes, increasing the pressure up to 10,000 psi and decreasing cycle times by up to 50%. With Speed Booster Technology, the jaw opens just as fast as it closes and requires less machine oil, giving you better machine functionality and decreasing fuel consumption.

Crushing it.

The Cat MP300 Series Multi-Processors yield up to 19% more jaw force, providing the power to demolish concrete structures faster.

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Multi-Processors Power and Speed

You don’t have time to waste.

A single operator only needs 15 minutes to switch out one of our jaws with no special tooling required. To make changing even easier and safer, Cat MP332 Multi-Processors and larger models feature a pin capture system where the cylinder pin remains with the jaw during the exchange. 

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Multi-Processors Jaw Changes

Cat® Multi-Processors

Cat Multi-Processors

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