Multi-Processor Jaw Comparison

Cat® Multi-Processor Jaw Comparison.

Choose the jaw that’s right for your application.

Your guide to Cat Multi-Processor Jaws.

You have a lot of options when it comes to Cat® multi-processor jaws. Below is a guide to learn more about the different types of multi-processor tools and jaws we offer, and find which one is right for your application.

Pulverizer Jaw (P-Jaw).

The Cat pulverizer jaw is ideal for secondary demolition and concrete recycling yards. The P-Jaw is our bestselling jaw set with individual wear parts that eliminate 90% of weld maintenance and reduce your maintenance time by 20% — giving you one day a week of additional production.

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P Jaw

Shear Jaw (S-Jaw).

The Cat shear jaw features long shearing blades designed to cut materials like I-beams and angle irons. The S-Jaw easily cuts and sizes scrap metal to transportation and mill grade lengths, and it has 4-sided reversible blades for improved maintenance costs.

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Shear Jaw

Concrete Cutting Jaw (CC-Jaw).

Designed for Steel Reinforced Concrete Structure (SRCS) demolition, the CC-Jaw features heavy-duty 1-over-2 cracking teeth with long shear blades and an open lower jaw. This design gives you the ability to quickly remove reinforced concrete, while also having the ability to cut structural steel.

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Concrete Cutting Jaw

Demo Jaw (D-Jaw).

Designed with a large jaw opening to tackle your high strength concrete, the demo jaw has 1-over-1 cracking teeth and a large jaw opening to provide effective concrete sectioning in this application. The outer teeth incorporate heel protection, while the wear shrouds protect in between the teeth, eliminating most weld maintenance.

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Demo Jaw

Tank Shear Jaw (TS-Jaw).

The tank shear jaw was designed for large refinery style tanks and plate steel applications. It cuts steel without twisting it, keeping it flat for easier transportation.

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Tank Shear Jaw

Universal Jaw (U-Jaw).

Use the Cat universal jaw for primary or secondary demolition. It easily downsizes materials for crushers, and it is especially useful for sectioning vertical or above-floor grade concrete into manageable pieces.

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Universal Jaw

Multi-Processors for every need.

With a wide range of sizes and jaw types available, we have a multi-processor for any application.

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