Orange Peel Grapples Applications

Cat® Orange Peel Grapple Applications

When to use an Orange Peel Grapple.

Cat® Orange Peel Grapple Applications

Scrap Applications.

In scrap yards, an orange peel grapple is most commonly used for loading and unloading trucks, shredders, balers or stationary shears, in addition to sorting materials by grade.

Waste Applications.

For waste, orange peel grapples are predominantly used for loading and unloading in recycling plants or transfer stations. Most orange peel grapples are run on material handlers, but they can also be used with a hydraulic excavator in certain situations. Talk with your local Cat dealer and product specialist about configuring the right grapple for your excavator and the limitations of using an orange peel grapple with it.

Material Handling Applications.

Orange peel grapples can also be useful in material handling applications, such as loading and unloading barges.

Placement Applications.

In placement applications, orange peel grapples can be used to place boulders and other materials.

Cat® Orange Peel Grapples

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