Orange Peel Grapples Buying Considerations

Purchasing tips

The Dos and Don’ts of Buying an Orange Peel Grapple.

DO look at life cycle costs.    

Cat® orange peel grapples offer lower operating and maintenance costs. Our grapples also feature internal cylinders and hoses that help reduce maintenance costs from operator error.

DO consider a stronger grapple tip material.       

Stronger material may cost more upfront, but will last longer and reduce life cycle maintenance costs. And with less maintenance, you will have more uptime with your attachment.

DON’T mismatch a grapple to a machine.

Too large of a grapple will reduce your cycle time, costing you on production. Material density weight will dictate the size of the grapple you need to purchase. If you are unsure how to match a grapple and a machine, we’re here to help. Call your local dealer to get in touch with a Caterpillar product specialist.

DO consider Cat Grapples for other machines.

Cat orange peel grapples can be installed on competitive carriers.

DON'T use too large of a grapple.

Oversizing your grapple has several short- and long-term effects. Operationally, it decreases your cycle times and increases your time in the pile loading the grapple. So, you won’t end up with the added production you expect at the end of the day. It is also hard on the front structures of the machine, reducing the life cycle of the front structure and increasing weld maintenance and total cost of ownership.

Cat® Orange Peel Grapples

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