Orange Peel Grapples Machine Matching

The perfect match.

Matching your Cat® Orange Peel Grapple to the right machine.

Match to AAMSS, Application/Attachment/Machine/System Solutions.

When trying to find the right match for an orange peel grapple and machine, always follow the AAMSS process. AAMSS means the density of material handled most often drives the size of the grapple, which dictates how large of a machine you need.

Will you use your grapple for ferrous or non-ferrous materials?

If you work primarily with ferrous (magnetic) materials, all Cat orange peel grapples are outfitted with a magnet lifting eye for cleanup work. Another great feature of the Cat orange peel grapple is the adaptable link that lets you hang the magnet for the grapple link.

For work with non-ferrous materials (copper, aluminum, brass, etc.), Caterpillar offers 5-tine orange peel grapples with semi-closed or closed tines for these applications.

Love your machine brand.

Cat orange peel grapples can be installed on competitive carriers, so you can find the right attachment for any machine.

Orange Peel Grapple Applications Chart

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