Orange Peel Grapples Service

Orange Peel Grapple Service

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Cat® Orange Peel Grapples require less service.

Longer service intervals.

New Cat® orange peel grapple models only require service every 2,000-3,000 hours of operation in typical applications. That’s a 26% improvement compared with previous models.

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Longer service intervals

Cat® Orange Peel Grapples

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Find everything you need to know about buying a grapple attachment for your machine on our Cat orange peel grapple homepage.

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Longer life cast tips.

Customers are seeing tip life around 3,900 hours on newer models of Cat orange peel grapples, meaning you will spend less money and time replacing parts and more time meeting your shipping and production numbers.

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Longer life cast tips.

Built-in safety features for easier maintenance.

The safety features on Cat orange peel grapples make it easier and safer to service your attachment yourself. The grapples feature a locking pin on the cross-head adapter to keep it in the upright position during maintenance. This will help keep your crew safe and prevent damage to your grapple and machine.

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Built-in safety features for easier maintenance.