Orange Peel Grapples Durability

Orange Peel Grapples Durability

Made to last.

CAT<sup>&reg;</sup> orange peel grapples deliver better durability and productivity.

Boost your productivity. 

With fast open/close cycle times, superior clamping forces and an innovative tine design for better pile penetration, Cat® orange peel grapples are engineered for efficiency. New cast areas in the housing allow for longer durability and less weight.

Internal cylinders and hoses.

While other models have external hoses and cylinders that can get caught on materials and be easily damaged, the Cat orange peel grapple is designed with internal cylinders and hoses, reducing downtime. Cylinders also have cushioning on the open cycle to eliminate damage to the grapple structure and provide easier operation.

Mechanical Stops.

Our orange peel grapples feature mechanical stops to prevent overextending or slamming of cylinders, minimizing wear and tear.

Seals, Pins and Bearings.

Longer pins and heavy-duty bushing with grease grooves and seals make our grapples more durable. 







Cat Orange Peel Grapples Cat Orange Peel Grapples

Cat® Orange Peel Grapples

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