Shears durability

Cat® Hydraulic Shears

Better durability for longer attachment life

Designed to last

Demanding applications like scrap processing and demolition call for the toughest attachments. Cat® Shears are engineered to take on these tasks with enhanced durability.

Proven durability and performance

During a six-year validation process, we ran Cat Shears through 240,000 cycles under full load — the equivalent of three years of in-field use. So when you purchase a Cat Shear, you know that it is built to the highest quality and durability standards.


Cat Shears S2050

Cat Shears S2050

Tough Stuff

Our shears are manufactured from 46 Rockland steel, some of the toughest steel in the industry. Engineered to handle spikes in pressure and four times the anticipated load, Cat Shears feature 4:1 safety margins for the hydraulic components and the cylinder.

Made to Outlast

Cat Shears are durable by design, so they can take on demanding jobs for years to come. On average, our shears are out in the field for seven to 10 years. Now that’s a return on investment.


Cat® Shears

Cat Shears

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