Shears operating tips

The Dos and Don’ts of Shear Operation


Shears Operating Tips

DO Follow The Blade Life Cycle

Most blades will last about 40-80 hours per edge, depending on the materials you cut. Maximize blade life by 25% by cutting thin materials first, followed by PNS.

DON’T Cut Harden Materials With Your Shear

This includes motor shafts and car axles. If you must process harden materials, only do so when all blade edges are rounded and ready to be replaced.

DO Grease Daily

Daily greasing is a must to maintain peak performance and keep your shears running smoothly.

DON’T Run The Blades Too Long

Flip blades once they are rounded ¼” to ensure they will still fit tightly in the blade pocket. Replace blades when all four edges are rounded.

DO Center Your Load

This helps keep your machine and attachment balanced and reduces the chance of tipping over.

DO Cut One Side At A Time When Piercing

Finish all cuts on one side before flipping material over and finishing cuts for optimal efficiency.


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