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Maximize your productivity.

Process faster with Cat Shears

The more material you process, the more profitable your business will be. Utilizing a Cat® Shear with your Cat machine is the best way to increase productivity in your scrap yard or on your job site. Here are a few of the features that will help you increase productivity.


Speed Valve

The speed valve on a Cat Shear manages the oil flow during the closed cycle, using less oil while increasing cycle times. With balanced hydraulics for quicker opening and closing of the jaw, Cat Shears are engineered to optimize your machine for 10 percent more efficiency compared with previous models and competitive brands.

The speed valve on a Cat Shear helps increase cycle times for more cuts per hour.

Tapered Spacer Plates

Like a sharp pair of scissors, Cat Shears feature tapered spacer plates for a cleaner cut. The tapered design helps prevent smearing and overheating while using less pressure to complete a cut — resulting in more efficient cutting and less jamming.

The tapered space plates on Cat Shears are less likely to cause smearing, so you get clean cuts the first time.

Cat® Shears

Cat Shears

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