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Serviceability features for Cat® Shears.

Service tips and features for your shears

With improved serviceability and safety features, Cat® Shears make it easy to maintain your attachment and get back to work.


Ground-level greasing

Cat Shears with 360° rotation can be greased at ground level for better safety and faster daily maintenance. Ground-level greasing even includes the stick cylinder pin and boom pin.

Daily greasing is the easiest way to keep your machine running smoothly.

Serviceable swivel

The swivel on a Cat Shear can be serviced in half the time of comparable models with resealing in just two hours. So you can reduce downtime and process more materials.

Cat Shears help reduce downtime with quick swivel maintenance and service.

Perfect blade pockets

The blade pockets on a Cat Shear are engineered to keep the blades locked in tight for less wear on your attachment. The spacer plates on our perfect blade pockets are also a part number product, so you can get a cost-effective replacement in less time than models with serialized components.

Cat Shears help reduce downtime with quick swivel maintenance and service.

Bolt-on piercing tip

The bolt-on piercing tip on a Cat Shear is easy to change on site, so you can get back up and running quickly. The dowel and bushing design keep the tip in place, balancing the force loads while cutting and during the open cycle.

Quickly replace the bolt-on piercing tip in the field for less downtime.

Replaceable front plate

Caterpillar makes it simple to service your machine without unnecessary expense. The replaceable front plate on our shears lets you easily swap out this common wear part without having to replace multiple components.

Replaceable front plate makes maintaining your shear more cost-effective.

Field-serviceable pin

Get back to work faster thanks to the field-serviceable pin on Cat Shears. A tech from your local Cat dealer can meet you on-site and service your pin in about a day, helping reduce downtime and keep you productive.

The pin on a Cat Shear can be service in-field in as little as a day by a Cat technician.

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