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Cat Utility Vehicles Frequently Asked Questions

Cat® Utility Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your UTV different?

After digging into the utility vehicle market, it is clear that UTVs have moved from just a recreational vehicle to a work-centric product — often replacing pickup trucks on jobsites, farms and ranches. Seeing what was currently available in the market, we wanted to build a UTV that would better serve our customers. Cat® UTVs were designed to deliver a combination of durability, stability, quiet operation, comfort and maintenance simplicity. These machines are built for work — offering unique features such as an all-steel cargo bed and a four-wheel independent suspension system, as well as proven performance in vigorous, long-term testing. Additionally, no other UTVs on the market come backed by the service and support offered by the Cat dealer network.

Where do I buy a Cat UTV?

Cat UTVs are available at participating UTV Cat dealers. You can also submit a request through for updates on availability in your area.

Who is the manufacturer and where are they built?

The manufacturer of record is Textron, and Cat UTVs are built in Thief River Falls, MN.

How many models are offered?

Cat Utility Vehicles are available in 4 different model configurations. This includes a standard version (2-seat) with either gas or diesel power and a Crew version (5-seat) with either gas or diesel power.

What engines and transmission options are available?

Cat UTVs are powered by either a 3-cylinder, 50 hp gas engine or a 3-cylinder, 25 hp diesel engine. Both power plants are connected to a CVT transmission.

What is the top speed?

The diesel-powered 2- and 5-seat models, CUV102 D and CUV105 D, have a maximum speed of 25 MPH. The gas-powered 2- and 5-seat models, CUV82 and CUV85, have a maximum speed of 45 MPH. The gas models also come with a 25 MPH speed limiter option for work sites with speed restrictions.

Will the Utility Vehicles be available from Cat Rental Stores?

Yes, we do expect participating UTV Cat dealers to offer the Cat UTV through their Cat Rental Stores.

How much does a Cat UTV cost?

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price starts at $14,999 for the 2-seat gas-powered CUV82, $16,299 for the 2-seat diesel-powered CUV102 D, $16,799 for the 5-seat gas-powered CUV85 and $17,999 for the 5-seat, diesel-powered CUV105 D.

What accessories will be available for the UTV?

We will have more than 30 accessories available for the Cat UTV. Some of the most commonly requested accessories include a variety of roofs, windshields, cabs (hard and soft), winches, heaters, light kits and hydraulic dumps. We are continuing to listen to you — our customers — and will evaluate future accessories based on your input.

What is the warranty on a Cat UTV?

Cat UTVs are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 12 months or 750 hours, whichever comes first. The warranty includes labor coverage.

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