Dairy Farms Run Smoother with Cat Machines

Eldon Marrs and his brothers rely on dependable Cat® dairy farm equipment to help their dairy business thrive. With three facilities, 7,000 cows and over 100 employees, efficiency and reliability are important. And with dairy farm equipment he can rely on, Marrs is better able to spend free time with his family.

In 1939, the Marrs family began dairy farming in Colorado with three cows. From humble beginnings, Eldon Marrs and his brothers continued their father’s business and successfully grew their enterprise by partnering with another Colorado dairy to form Longs Peak Dairy.

As logistics managing partner, Marrs maintains dairy farm equipment, oversees training and is always on call for emergencies. Efficiency and reliability are essential to success, as they directly affect the bottom line.

“When you have a large dairy facility,” explains Marrs, “reliable equipment and dependable people are the reasons our business can thrive.” Beyond the business-focused mindset, Marrs is a family man committed to using his time efficiently. “I need equipment that runs on a regular basis, so I can go home to my wife and boys instead of fixing an issue at the dairy.”


Marrs achieves a work-life balance by relying on a mixed fleet of loaders for a variety of tasks. Versatility is important in order to maintain efficiency and Marrs can easily switch tasks with a range of attachments. Feed management requires accuracy and precision so Longs Peak Dairy utilizes the new Cat 926M Small Wheel Loader.

“A very detail-orientated individual has to make sure the cows get the proper feed ration each day,” says Marrs. “The 926M helps with that because it is a fast, efficient machine. It's easy to operate, it's quiet and it lets my staff do their jobs.”


“I’ve always been impressed with Caterpillar and its innovation,” says Marrs. “With the 926M, we’re able to go up a size in buckets, so we can handle more material. Cycle times on this machine are improved as well. Every little step helps us to be more efficient.”

As a loyal customer, Marrs can testify to the evolution of Cat machines. He finds the M Series features simplified maintenance, improved visibility and enhanced comfort.

“Visibility in the new M Series loader is excellent; the seats are more comfortable, the ergonomic controls are more adaptable and climate controls are easy to operate,” explains Marrs.

Located in an area with dramatic climate change and extreme temperatures, Marrs believes each series has continuously improved because his dairy farm equipment has maintained high performance through every season. “It doesn’t surprise me that the M Series is a superior machine,” says Marrs. “The Caterpillar engineers simply outdo themselves with every series that comes along.”


For operations to run smoothly, Marrs believes a dedicated staff, dependable equipment and an exceptional dealer are vital.

Marrs relies on local Cat dealer Wagner Equipment Co. for continued service and support. “Our dealer is an integral part of our operation,” says Marrs. “With drop boxes, will-call pickup, after-hours pickup and direct shipping, we always get the parts we need.”

Family and tradition are at the heart of Longs Peak Dairy, and Marrs is grateful that he can put family first. “I’m proud to continue the work that my family started in the 1930s,” he says. “Dependable equipment is a big part of our success. Caterpillar delivers on that.”


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