Caterpillar Helps Landscaper, Visionscapes, 'Work to Live'


Caterpillar Helps Landscaper, Visionscapes, 'Work to Live'

Greg Coleman is CEO of Visionscapes, Inc., a full-service commercial landscaping company headquartered in Atlanta. He started small in 1985, and together with his dad and brother, built a business that serves clients in 21 states. That kind of growth takes a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears, but Greg and his family are committed to work-life balance.

“We don’t live to work, we work to live,” he says, describing an extended family that lives in the same neighborhood, hangs out on weekends and even vacations together. “Caterpillar helps make that possible.”

It all starts with equipment that works efficiently—like Cat® E-Series mini excavators. According to Coleman, these machines dig twice as many holes per hour as other brands and unload tree trunks twice as fast too. He estimates tree-planting productivity “has increased by 33 percent” with the E-Series. Plus, his crews can work hard and stay fresh, even during 10-hour shifts, thanks to quiet, air-conditioned cabs and seats that feel like “sitting in a recliner chair.”

Cat work tools make Greg’s life easier too. His teams use everything from reverse tillers and augers to screeners and tree lifters. “We just change out the tools and start tilling within five minutes. The tools are easy to change, which helps increase productivity. It’s what keeps me working fast and doing multiple jobs.”

Because Coleman’s crews work in so many places around the country, he no longer owns and hauls equipment from site to site. He rents locally from The Cat Rental Store. Doing so not only simplifies his life, it also means he has access to newer machines with the latest features and upgrades. Service is never a concern either, because no matter where he’s working, “Caterpillar is there.”

Greg says the Cat dealer in Atlanta, Yancey Bros. Co., feels like part of the Coleman family. “They’re great. I don’t have to call anyone else. They make sure the machines run perfectly and they make themselves available.”

For the Colemans, working with Caterpillar has been a way to build a quality business—and a quality life. “We do quality work, we use quality equipment, quality materials, so Cat fits right in with what we do.”

“And we work to live,” he adds. “That’s important to us and it’s what Caterpillar helps us do.”

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