On-The-Go Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere

See that guy sitting across the aisle at the airport? Yeah, him. The one in the Cat® shirt. The one who’s so engrossed with whatever’s on his tablet he just might miss the boarding call. Don’t assume he’s playing solitaire or checking his newsfeed. He could be monitoring a critical asset and saving its owner a pile of money.

That was the case not long ago when a fleet advisor from Caterpillar, waiting to board a flight, fired up his tablet to take a quick look at the Cat engines he was responsible for monitoring. Thanks to Cat Connect, these gas engines working in a pipeline transmission application were trackable from any location—not just a traditional command center. So even though the fleet advisor was on the go, he could monitor the assets and make recommendations as needed.

In this case, the data he was receiving indicated a pending spark plug problem. He identified the malfunctioning part, alerted the owner, recommended a solution and averted a failure, all before boarding his flight.

The owner took the engine out of service that same day and replaced the part in less than 30 minutes at a cost of about $125. If the part had been allowed to fail, the impact on profitability would have been much higher. Fuel costs would have increased as the combustion process grew more inefficient. Then, if the bad plug had caused other problems, an unscheduled shutdown could have occurred, taking the compressor out of service. If this were a critical gathering compressor the shutdown would have created a big hit to top-line revenues. Bringing a technician to the site to troubleshoot the engine would have cost at least $1,000 and that wouldn’t have begun to cover the parts and labor associated with the actual repair.

Cat Connect can help you reduce repair costs and optimize production too. The value starts with technology-enabled assets that capture critical data while you work. But the biggest gains come from our people. Experienced fleet advisors who track the numbers, run the analytics, identify issues and recommend action plans. They’re relentless problem solvers, dedicated to your success. And they’ll never stop working on your behalf—whether they’re behind a desk in a command center or killing time in an airport.

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