Visibility into your entire fleet

Visibility into Your Entire Fleet

Cat® Connect. Connecting you with the power of actionable intelligence.


Data. It’s possibly the most valuable resource in any business, but data doesn’t have value on its own. It needs to be connected to the bigger picture of your operation and analyzed to draw actionable intelligence. Connecting with a real-time comprehensive view of any operation is more important than ever.

That’s why we’ve created Cat® Connect. A network of technologies and services designed to give you a real-time, accurate view into your operation. This set of solutions keeps operators safer, products more efficient and lowers total operating costs. Cat Connect is bringing our customers value nearly anywhere in the working world, and this is just the beginning.

Sensors on machines provide a stream of data that helps customers monitor the health of individual machines, engines and parts to make sure every machine is working to its full potential. Cat Connect technologies and services take that data and get more out of every motion of the jobsite. More precise grades and more accurate compaction mean fewer passes, less spent on fuel and less wear and tear on your machines.

When you bring this actionable intelligence from data to your worksite, you can make changes in real time, ensuring that every second (and dollar) is spent in the most efficient way possible.

Together with our customers and local Cat Dealers, we’ve introduced a connected way to work that is safer, more efficient and more profitable.

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Cat® Connect Technology

Cat® Connect Technology

From our very first tractor to Cat® Minestar, Cat Connect, and entire fleets that speak the same language, Caterpillar has spent over ninety years committed to innovation and technology that helps our customers succeed.

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