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The first Cat® pipelayers arrived in China 40 years ago to help develop an efficient transportation network for the country’s growing oil production base. The year was 1975. Across Western and Northeastern China, construction of large-scale oil fields had reached a fever pitch. What China lacked at the time, however, was a reliable and speedy means of getting the oil from A to B. Caterpillar sent a team over, initially to help with negotiations and inspections. Four decades later, we’re still here, continuing to provide China with the world-class equipment, faithful service and expert advice for which we’re famous.

When asked today, workers who participated in the pipeline project speak of Cat equipment with respect and admiration, reserving special praise for the machines’ reliability and unmistakable high quality. Even during the bleakest, coldest Sino-Russian border winters, those pipelayers never let anyone down. They just worked, no matter what. Most impressive of all is that forty years on, they still work just as they did then.

Caterpillar has continued to contribute to China’s development for the past four decades. Our machines have stood the test of time, proof of our commitment to providing our customers with quality products that get the job done. No matter what.

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Matt Veerkamp was born the year his dad launched Doug Veerkamp General Engineering Inc. By the time he was 10 he was helping in the service shop, and by age 12 he was digging septic systems—even though he wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the pedals.

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At day’s end, O’Neil Himel parks his Cat® skid steer loader in the back yard, hoses it down, covers it up and puts his chief security officer to work. “I trust Rin Tin Tin to keep an eye on it,” says Himel who runs a one-man dirt moving operation in southern Louisiana.

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