350 acres modeled with drone surveys in just 24 hours

350 acres modeled in just 24 hours

Using drones to give our customers a complete holistic view of their worksite from the sky.


Drones (UAVs) have experienced a huge uptake in popularity as the world continues to find applications for them. The working world proves to be one of the most innovative spaces for drones because they aid in collecting valuable data. Data continues to be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal and drones provide an efficient and accurate way to collect it.

Cat® Connect enables our customers to gather and analyze the geospatial data collected by drone surveys to work towards specific value props within their business.

The drones work by combining hundreds of overhead images with GPS data to create both 2-D and 3-D site models. These models can be used to assess project progress, analyze quarry faces and berms, inspect areas that are hazardous for humans, measure the sheer volume of materials and even find opportunities for more efficient workflows.

These drones went to work on a U.S. quarry that produces nearly one million tons of aggregate every year The drone flew three 25 minute missions over the 350-acre site collecting geospatial data to be processed within 24 hours using photogrammetry. Site planners were able to calculate stockpile volume, identify new sites with the highest yield potential and even monitor work activity near a creek on the property, ensuring that the job was in line with environmental regulations.

The Cat drone solution is designed to offer our customers a quick-to-launch solution that delivers a complete, holistic view of the worksite.

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Cat® Connect Technology

Cat® Connect Technology

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