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Cat® Connect technology and services are helping our customers save time, fuel and money.


In a time of increasing fuel costs, plunging profit margins and massive competition, every piece of your business counts. Every machine, safety device and service is an opportunity to be more efficient. Cat® Connect makes the most out of these opportunities, and helps you work more efficiently and get more competitive in your space.

D/N Excavating is a prime example of customers reaping the benefits of Cat Connect. The two-man team out of Massachusetts were able to increase their machine efficiency by nearly 28%. This increase was vital as they had taken on a job that was beyond their original capacity. They worked with their Cat dealer to enhance and expand their fleet with Cat Connect. By going with Cat Connect, the duo was able to monitor and analyze the health of their machines, and their operators. This increase enabled Scott Duso and Dan Nusbaum to not only finish the development project on-time and on-budget but they went on to win bigger jobs, eventually doubling their gross sales in just two years.

Strack Inc. uses Cat Connect to not only run their machines for 48 hours straight, but spend 40% less on fuel in the process. This keeps profit margins high, giving them the power to bid on bigger jobs and come in lower than the competition.

In southern Turkey, contracting outfit Eren Insaat worked with their local Cat dealer to install Cat Connect on their fleet of 17 machines. The technology gave their entire fleet the ability to work through the night, effectively doubling their output and leading to massive time and cost savings. “The efficiency is about 400 percent greater with the GPS control—the men can work not only faster but also more accurately” said Yasar Eren, Eren Insaat’s chairman.

When tackling jobs of any scale, anywhere on earth, customers are using Cat Connect to take them on and finish in less time leading to huge savings, and more business in the future.

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Work More Effectively

Work More Effectively

Every machine in your fleet is an opportunity to increase your overall production.

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