What Does it Mean to Be an Innovator?

Is it going where no one else has gone before? Is it pushing the limits of the places we’ve already been? At Caterpillar, we believe that to be an innovator, a company must be working directly in service of their customer. Every advancement should have the end goal of being deployed in the real world, and ultimately make life and business better for the customer. It’s this belief that drives everything we do.

We've Had 91 Years of Customers that Have Challenged Us to Take Them Further.

For 91 years, our customers have challenged us to take them further. In 1928, a customer’s tractor broke down, two days before his harvest was due. A day later, his local Cat® dealer air-dropped the replacement parts he needed to fix his machine. Our customers demanded the next generation of engines in the 1930’s. We collaborated with them for several years to create this breakthrough in diesel engine technology. This led us to quickly become the industry leader, producing over 50 percent of the worlds diesel engines just a few years later.

In 1955, American scientists wanted to see what secrets Antarctica held. Caterpillar engineers developed a low ground pressure technology as part of “Operation Deep Freeze,” enabling the teams to set up research stations, keep them supplied, and help the U.S. Navy build the first airstrip on the continent.

The 1970’s brought about one of the biggest leaps forward, the elevated sprocket. During a time when customers were looking for ways to do more with less, this breakthrough enabled their machines to do the work of two.

Fast-forward to present day. Customers are altering the very fabric of the world. Every Cat customer can benefit from big data with Cat Connect. With innovations like Cat MicroGrid Solutions — renewable solar and wind power of any size is delivered to literally any location on earth.


Miners are using drone fleets to survey their sites before breaking ground. Service technicians are simulating repair cycles using augmented reality.


Technicians in all environments will be using 3-D printers to print replacement machine parts. It’s these breakthroughs inspired by our customers that excite us for what’s next.

"Our Customers are Altering the Very Fabric of the World."

And speaking of next…as part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges, we’re exploring ways to help astronauts mine on the moon and build habitats on Mars.


The future is as vast as it is promising. And together with our customers, we can build technologies that will move our world further.

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Get the Latest from the Age of Smart Iron

Get the Latest from the Age of Smart Iron

The Power of Thermal in Your Hand

The Power of Thermal in Your Hand

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