The Future is Now

While automakers and tech companies plan for a future that includes self-driving cars, Caterpillar is already there—especially with our mining customers. They’ve been ahead of this trend for years.

Visit a forward-thinking mine today and you’ll find automation in action. Operator-assist technologies that control specific machine functions to boost productivity and cut costs. Remote control systems that move operators out of cabs and away from hazards. And in some cases, fully autonomous trucks. Massive haulers. Two stories tall. Carrying 250-ton payloads. With no operators in sight.

It’s transformational stuff. And it’s happening right now.

Smart iron from Caterpillar. Helping miners everywhere improve safety, efficiency and profitability.


Command - Driverless

Keep your people safe, your operation efficient and your equipment running. We can help you apply the right level of automation to achieve all three of those goals on your site, whether that's operator assistance, remote control, full autonomy or any combination. With Cat® Command, you choose the capabilities of automation that make sense for your operation.

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