Contractor Says Cat® 325F Excavator Is Perfect For “Jammed Up” Work

Contractor Says Cat® 325F Excavator Is Perfect For “Jammed Up” Work

Compact radius machines are great for space-restricted work, and no manufacturer has a broader range of compact radius excavators than Caterpillar. Right near the top of the list is the Cat 325F—a powerful machine capable of taking on the toughest of tasks.

Recently United Contractors Midwest (UCM) put the 25-ton model to work on a six-mile-long storm sewer project, which was part of a larger road-widening project to alleviate traffic jams in Springfield, Illinois.

“To have a machine like this with just the right power and size means we can take it to more places and use it more often," says UCM operator David Smith. “Under guide wires and telephone poles and transformer boxes, this machine makes work easier.”


"If you need a nice, comfortable working machine, I'd buy one," says 30-year operator David Smith about the new Cat® 325F compact radius excavator.

With a front swing radius of 2.34 m (7'8") and a tail swing radius of 1.72 m (5'8"), the machine can dig, swing, and dump within a working space of 4.06 m (13'4"). When rotated 90 degrees and working over the side, just 135 mm (5") of counterweight extends beyond the track width, which allows trucks and jersey barriers to be closer to the machine.

Unlike a standard radius machine, the 325F’s boom is positioned toward the center of the machine. Not only does this help reduce the front swing radius, but it also supports more lift capacity over the front due to greater stability.

“This morning I had to dig out an end section to set a manhole and another section of pipe,” says Smith. “I picked up the manhole, walked right up, dropped it in, and didn't have any problem. The long undercarriage makes it more stable, and when you are reaching out, it sits there instead of rocking back and forth.”

Unlike other competitors’ compact radius machines, the 325F features a full-size roll-over protective structure (ROPS) cab. With low sound levels, high visibility, convenient access to switches and controls, and a fully adjustable seat, operators will find it comfortable to work in all day long.

“The 325 cab is better than any competitor I've been in,” says Smith. “When you run a machine all day, at the end you are usually beat. When you have something comfortable to run, it's an easy day. You feel like going home and doing something. If you need a nice, comfortable working machine, I'd buy one.”





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