D6K2 Makes the Grade as Contractor’s Choice

The Cat® D6K2 dozer is known for its ability to push dirt, and now it has piled up a few accolades as well. The D6K2 received a 2014 Gold Contractor’s Choice award from the readers of Roads and Bridges magazine.

Why the D6K2? Ben Brueck, president of Four Seasons Excavating and Landscaping in Burlington, Iowa, says the D6K2 is his choice because of opportunities to expand his business. 

“The updated undercarriage [8 bottom rollers/2 carrier rollers] gives a much smoother result, especially when we’re using AccuGrade,” he explains. “The overall speed and performance has allowed us to take on more jobs and be more profitable.  It has allowed us to pick up a wider range of jobs where a GPS system is required to ensure accuracy.”

Ben adds that the machine is compact enough to work in smaller areas, but the wider blade still lets him move a large quantity of dirt. “I can do the work of two of my previous dozers because the D6K2 hogs dirt and has the accuracy to dress out a road or crown a football field.”

B.J. Miller, owner of Cornerstone Excavating in Washington, Iowa, cites several factors that make the D6K2 a good choice for contractors.  “Visibility, smoothness, quietness – the cab comfort is massive and the longer track roller frame makes it very smooth. On a highway project, the grade was close enough that the GPS blade was not needed to bring the finish within tolerance. We were laying rock and we didn’t even put the maintainer on it.”

“We also needed a bigger blade and this tractor can handle it,” Miller says. “Fuel consumption was just where our dealer told us it would be, and there have been no breakdowns, no reason to stop for anything.”  He adds that a rainy construction season limited their work days in 2014 so “uptime is very important to us.”

Dealer support also plays a key role in an award winning performance. “I always thought Caterpillar was too expensive for the average guy to own,” says Brueck. “Our Cat dealer has been able to show us overall cost savings with preventive maintenance programs that keep us up and running. They stand behind what they say, and the resale value holds so much better than any other brand,” he said. “We also like having a one stop shop for service on both the tractor and the AccuGrade technology. Our dealer is only a phone call away.”

The Cat® D6K2 dozer received a 2014 Gold Contractor’s Choice award from the readers of Roads and Bridges magazine.

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D6K2 Dozer

D6K2 Dozer

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