Eighty Years After Launching Our First Motor Grader, We’re Introducing the M Series 3

Eighty years ago, Caterpillar introduced its first diesel motor grader, the Diesel Auto Patrol, which provided vastly improved fuel economy, saving customers significant operating costs. The engine was unrivaled in performance, durability and longevity. Throughout the years, Caterpillar continued with new Cat® products and innovations, including:

  • Tandem rear tires, introduced in 1934, allowed drive tires to float over bumps without affecting the grade. 
  • The Diesel No. 12, a line introduced in 1938 that still exists today.
  • The No. 16, the largest of its kind when introduced in 1963, weighed in at 21 092 kilograms (46,500 pounds).
  • The six-model G Series, brought the advantages of an articulated frame to the motor grader market when it was introduced in 1973.
  • The H Series, launched in 1995, offered the first all-wheel drive machines in the 143H and 163H. New hydraulics, better balance and increased power made these machines the industry standard for more than a decade.
  • The joystick control, introduced in 2007 on the M Series, dramatically improved operator comfort and productivity.

Now, 80 years later, Caterpillar continues the tradition of providing vastly improved fuel economy and productivity with the introduction of the Cat M Series 3 motor grader.

Cat M Series 3 graders bring the latest emissions reduction technology to the most durable, productive and comfortable motor graders on the market. From building roads to maintaining them, M Series Motor Graders are designed to help you get more work done in less time. Outstanding durability, unprecedented operator comfort and ease of service help you maximize your return on investment. M Series 3 Motor Graders meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards.

The 12M3, 140M3 and 160M3, and their All Wheel Drive (AWD) counterparts, are ready to go to work maintaining roads and clearing snow. Added power and power and torque, as well as available integrated grading technologies also make them an ideal choice for contractors who are building roads.

M Series 3 graders are designed with operators in mind. In the cab, you will find the hallmark Cat motor grader controls—two electronic joysticks that reduce arm movement by 78% to help reduce fatigue and help you be more productive. A redesigned message display, now located in the center console of the machine, puts Cat Grade Control Cross Slope information conveniently in front of the operator. Operators will also enjoy a more comfortable seat with heated and ventilated options, and several convenient new storage bins located throughout the cab. And new optional LED lights in the engine compartment make it easier to service the machine in low light conditions.  

Eighty years after the launch of our first motor grader, we continue the tradition of providing vastly improved fuel economy and productivity with the introduction of the Cat® M Series 3 motor grader.

Cat® Grade Control for Motor Graders

Fully integrated into each machine, then installed and tested at the factory, Cat Grade Control Cross Slope is job ready from day one. Watch these videos to learn more.

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Cat® M Series 3 Motor Graders

From building roads to maintaining them, M Series 3 motor graders give you a winning edge in productivity, efficiency and comfort.

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