Increase Fuel Efficiency with the 336E H Hybrid Excavator

The new Cat® 336E H Hybrid excavator has the same power, control, and capabilities as the workhorse 336E, but with at least 25 percent greater fuel efficiency. Leveraging revolutionary hydraulic hybrid technology, this new excavator will lower your fuel consumption, fuel bill, and CO2 emissions. 

How the Hybrid System Works

The Cat® 336E H Hybrid Excavator uses a new hydraulic hybrid technology developed by Caterpillar. It uses three building block technologies to deliver outstanding fuel savings and performance.

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336E H Hybrid Excavator

The Cat® 336E H Hybrid Excavator uses recovered energy from the swing to load your trucks all-day long using up to 33 percent less fuel* than our powerful 336D machine doing the same amount of work.

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