Lesson Learned: One Contractor Makes Idle Time Personal

Precision Pipeline is an excavating contractor based in Utah and known for doing high-quality, competitively priced work. Although business is good, company owner Landon Floyd says margins are always under pressure, so he and his team never stop looking for ways to control costs.

When data suggested that excess idle time was eating away at the bottom line, Floyd asked his operators to be more conscientious about shutting their machines down when not in use. But despite his best efforts, the message wasn’t getting through.

So Floyd tried a different approach—an off-the-wall idea that got everyone thinking and talking about idle time. See how this creative leader had a little fun with his team and, in the course of just 10 minutes, helped everyone get on board with the need to reduce idle time.

When excess idle time was eating away at his bottom line, Landon Floyd of Precision Pipeline took an off-the-wall approach with his employees and made it personal. See what he did.

Six Tips for Reducing Idle Time

All those nonproductive hours translate into a lot of wasted fuel: 1 gallon or more every hour. Some industry experts say it’s not unusual for idle time to represent as much as 40-50% of total running time.

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Rethink the Tank

It’s time for a new conversation about fuel. Idle time, operator technique, equipment selection, technology and jobsite setup are some of the key factors that affect fuel efficiency. Focus on the fundamentals and you’ll cut costs, increase productivity and get more work from every tank.

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