Mini Excavators

New Generation Mini Excavators Highlight Innovation at CONEXPO

Caterpillar Product Expert Greg Worley, in a CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 interview, talks about the exciting new features available in Cat® Mini Excavators.

300.9D VPS

“VPS stands for Versatile Power System. It means we have two power systems on a machine. It runs on diesel, it has a diesel engine and runs like a normal Cat 110 excavator. And then we can hook up the normal power supply unit that hooks into a 480 volt, three-phase electric supply, and then the 110 excavator will run zero emissions on electricity.”

304.5E2 XTC

“We’ve been working on this project (Xtra Tool Carrier) for a number of years. We finally brought it to market. We always had this idea of doing something different, coming to market with a different concept unique to Caterpillar. It has been very exciting now that we’ve got it into the marketplace. And we’re really enjoying people coming up and seeing it firsthand. It’s really exciting as they look at it and they start to think, ‘how can I make this work for me.’”

308E2 VAB

“The 308 mini excavator has turned the rental world upside down – a lot of ability in an eight-ton machine in a very small package. And now with our VAB that we’ve added to it – the Variable Angle Boom – it can work higher, further, and closer to the machine. You can stay in a single lane and mulch right beside the shoulder of the road and then reach further and further out. You don’t take up a lane and a half. Put a rotary disc cutter on the top for de-limbing. The height that you can reach with this machine is second to none in the industry with what we can reach on an eight-ton platform.  And like with the XTC, the VAB and VPS, we’re trying to make the machines more versatile to keep the machines working and running longer. Because when a machine is working, it’s also earning that customer money.”


Caterpillar Product Expert Greg Worley describes the exciting new features available in Cat® Mini Excavators at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017.






Cat® Mini Excavator Videos

Cat Mini Excavator Videos

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Cat® Mini Excavators

Cat Mini Excavators

Cat® Mini Excavators deliver versatility in a compact size.

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